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Corporate Video Production for Virginia and Surrounding Areas.

TachLock video offers many different types of corporate video production including:

  • Informational & Educational
  • Commercials & Infomercials
  • Branding & Awareness
  • Testimonials & Case Studies
  • Employee Education & HR Purposed Presentations
  • Procedural & Tech Ed Content and Much More!

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Video offers exceptional advantages as a promotional and educational tool and when you choose to work with TachLock Video it's exceptionally affordable.  We serve Richmond, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Virginia and other surrounding business communities.  We encourage you to contact us to learn how our video production company can help achieve your objectives! Visit us on Facebook at

A View From Above - FAA Certified Drone Pilot

TachLock Video is a FAA Part 107 certified business meaning we are LEGALLY allowed to produce videos for our clients featuring drone footage.  In order to legally produce such videos, TLV had to pass an intensive testing, and remains current to ensure the complete comprehension of the laws, dangers, weather, airspace, and many other elements to ensure your production is not only safe, but also in compliance with the very strict FAA laws. Additionally TLV carries the necessary insurance in the unlikely event that an issue does occur.

We offer drone services for our video projects, but also offer drone piloting for others' projects as well.  We are a Part 107 FAA Certified Drone pilot for Charlottesville, Richmond, Harrisonburg and throughout the state of Virginia.

Infomercials to Branding Videos. Corporate Video Production to Blog Video Production.  Corporate Event Videography to Training Videos.

What We Offer:

We offer more than just pretty pictures, in fact, there are companies far more capable of pretty pictures than we are... But what makes us different is that we work with our clients to identify and strive toward specific objectives.  We come from the marketing and advertising world.  We have managed marketing, sales, and advertising departments and understand what makes consumers purchase, people hear your message, and care.  Here are some types of videos your organization may benefit from.

Infomercials & Educational Video Productions

We have all seen these videos.  They aim to be engaging, educational and most importantly drive the viewer to take immediate action.  Sometimes these videos are intentionally over-the-top in their stereotypical style while others inject themselves into the viewers time with a sophisticated precision making the viewer ask is this a commercial or not? 

TachLock Video works with our clients to identify the right approach for their company and will offer the value of our extensive marketing and advertising background to maximize your message and its delivery to your prospects.

Branding Videos & Awareness Videos

We always want our videos to complement, reinforce and drive our defined brand, however, a brand video is purposed to specifically project that brand to the viewer.  The process of developing a brand video typically begins with the questions; who are we, and what makes us different than the rest?

Examples of a brand video theme approach might include a branding video for a hospital.  Hospital A wants to be known for their expertise, quality of doctors and experience in care.  Hospital B may alternatively want to be known as the caring and passionate hospital who cares for their patients and treats their needs with the bedside manner of a grandmother.  Each of these approaches may inject components from the other, but the individual overall theme is very clear. 

Another example could be for a bicycle store.  Store A might offer performance bicycles for competitive racers, and position themselves as experts in the field.  Whereas Store B might be the go-to place for families looking to purchase bikes for fun and pleasure.  Two very different brand approaches two very different required approaches in their videos. 

To summarize branding and awareness videos serve to educate the viewer not only to what an organization provides but what they are known for, what makes them different or better than the competition, and how they want customers to feel about them.

Political Videos & Candidate Videos

Getting your message to resonate with voters takes many impressions and multiple tactics.  Video provides the opportunity for a candidate to communicate their passion, their sincerity, and their determination to drive their political motivations.  Combining political videos with direct mail, email, and face-to-face campaigns significantly increase both awareness and conversion.

Successful political videos require many elements to project credibility and sincerity.  TachLock Video can assist your campaign by creating powerful political videos which speak to your audience and drive them to the booths.

Testimonial Videos & Case Study Videos

Letting your customers tell why they use and value what you offer is often the most powerful tool you can use to market yourself.  Documenting these client experiences with video and presenting them with character, brand, and appropriate styling can drive amazing results.   Testimonial videos might introduce viewers to a variety of customers, whereas video case studies dive deep into a single client or project.

Employee Education Videos & Marketing & HR Purposed Videos

We all know that our employees are an important customer of our businesses, and communicating with them should be taken very seriously.  Videos can be incorporated into this messaging in a variety of ways. 

When creating videos designed to educate our exterior customers it is a good idea to also consider creating alternate versions of the videos which offer additional content to our employee customers.  These videos might include specific sales techniques and benefits or how to handle objections.  They should reinforce the corporate brand and how your company cares about customers, the manner which customer issues are handled etc.

Videos also are an excellent medium for Marketing and HR to create consistent messaging to employees about corporate initiatives, policies, product launches and much more.  Companies who deploy video to their employees have the opportunity to demonstrate how seriously they are about what they offer and the employees who serve their customers.

Blog Video Production & Blog Video Consultation

Typically blog videos are often, but not always grass roots and less produced.  Typically, however, they can go down any number of objective paths as discussed above.

We work with companies to produce business blog videos and may be able to offer you suggestions on how you can make your own successfully.

We are proud to serve Richmond, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville and their surrounding areas with video production services for businesses of all types.  We are the affordable video production company for businesses.

Promoting your business isn't easy, but with the power of video you can inspire viewers to engage with your brand, educate them about your offerings, and drive action.  And the power of video doesn't end there!  Use video to inspire employees, answer frequently asked questions to reduce support calls or thank your customers for being loyal.

We are your team if you are looking for a Charlottesville videographer, a Richmond videographer, Harrisonburg videographer.  We are affordable, passionate and will work with you to make your production a success. Contact us today!