Keys to Creating Successful Business Videos

Some Keys to Creating Successful Business Videos

Though no two business videos should look exactly the same, business videos are worthless unless they accomplish your core objectives.  A business video needs to be thoroughly planned and typically intertwines with messaging and marketing plans which have already been established. 

If you believe your products and or services are amazing, video allows you to define what that means, engage with your prospective clients and motivate them to take the next step in becoming your customer.

If your offerings are complex, present the details, facts and testimonials to offer a clear understanding to your prospects.  

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating business videos

1. Business videos need to be clear and concise:  Don’t pack too much information into one video. It’s better to break the content into smaller pieces with clear titles.  You don’t want your viewers hunting for the content they are interested in.  As an example, a company might present their videos with the following topical titles:

  • Why choose our product – the key features that set us apart from the competition
  • Our product in action – meet some of our customers and find out why they chose and continue to love our product
  • Pricing – what do you get for your hard earned dollar when you buy from us
  • Set-up of our product – how to properly set up our product and make it last a lifetime
  • Our warranty – we believe in our products so you can too

2. Consistent Presentation:  Each of the videos in your series should be consistently branded.   They should generally look the same, feel the same and present in the same pacing and organization one to the next – certainly there are exceptions to this rule, but if you are creating a series of video to introduce the components of a product you should aim to have at least this level of continuity from one video to the next.

Consider the following for each of your videos:

Your opening:  One example might be your logo and tagline animated with motion graphics to present a quick memorable tag of your organization.  This opening should be only a few quick seconds and appear at the beginning of each of your business video presentations.

Your logo: With a few exceptions, you should always include your logo unobtrusively throughout the presentation.  This visual, typically placed in one of the four corners of the screen becomes associated with the quality content your video is presenting. At any point when the viewer become more enamored with your offering they can quickly glance to identify your company name.

Color Palette: If you don’t already have, you should get a color palette for your organization.   These colors become the  core colors you use in the treatment of not only your videos, but your business cards, office colors, website, vehicle graphics etc.  A color palette becomes an integral part of your brand and consistently using it substantially enhances your visual brand.

Quality: Your brand quality is often judged by the weakest piece in your brand mix.  Having a quality produced video followed by a cell phone video will result in your prospects doubting the overall quality of your organization.  As your videos improve, replace your older videos to ensure consistent video production across your entire library.

Organized: Each video should offer consistency in the way your information is presented.  This might (very generally) look something like this:

  • Opening logo animation
  • Topic to be discussed presented as a question
  • Reinforcing overview graphic/animation
  • Introduction of solution
  • Reinforcing solution graphic/animation
  • How to
  • What to do next
  • Call to action
  • Contact placard

4. Less is more: Make certain your content is well presented and scripted if necessary.  You have a very limited time to gain and keep the attention of the viewer.  Inspire the viewer to care and respect their time.  It is better to inspire them to pick up the phone to make a call to learn more than bore them with all of the details so they click off from the video and you never hear from them again.  If they see one video they like, they are likely to watch another make sure they are consistently concise and to the point.  Respect the saying, if I had more time I would have written less.

5. Call to action: Give the viewer a reason to take a next step and create some urgency for them to do so.  There are many standard types of call to action including Free Consults, or a Limited Time Offer.  These can be effective, but creativity that takes you away from the ordinary may be the ticket to drive even greater next level results.

6. Final Panel: The final panel of your business video is often best left with 3 simple things:

  1. Your logo and tagline
  2. Your website address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your call to action repeated

If you are interested in creating corporate videos or business videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos, demo videos, or any other types of business productions TachLock Video is hear to help.  Call us at 434-249-5506 today!