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From Clients and Colleagues

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“Glenn Lock of TachLock Training has positively impacted the bottom line of my company.  We are a highly successful online print company who handles a high volume of phone, email and chat inquires from prospects.  Glenn was able to quickly ascertain opportunities to improve close rates, average customer spend, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What makes Glenn different than the many consultants I have worked with in the past, is that he was able to take these credible observations and apply solutions within my organization.  Within the first month I was seeing and hearing a difference among the staff he was working with.  By the second month I was seeing our sales increase and a more positive morale among the staff.  By month three we began hitting record level sales volume and now several months in we are consistently achieving new sales records!
Glenn is embraced by our team and he delivers an honesty and perspective that is unique in his line of work.  I would highly recommend any company
 who has customer facing employees to have a chat with Glenn to see if he could bring his skill and expertise to your bottom line.”
Jim Fitzgerald – Owner and Founder
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“I had the privilege of working with Glenn in two different capacities of my career thus far, as SVP of Marketing for Adelphia Communications and as owner of Symphony Marketing LLC.  If you’re looking for a creative, high energy individual to help you increase sales or improve customer service I highly recommend Glenn. Glenn’s channel training programs have lead to dramatic increases in sales and improvements in overall customer satisfaction. Glenn helps customer facing employees to really understand how to make a connection with customers, show empathy, solve their problems and many times, to the employees surprise, sell them something in the process. Glenn will make you laugh and improve your performance all with a positive upbeat delivery.” April 23, 2012
John Pitek – Owner
Symphony Marketing LLC



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“Glenn’s unique ability to “gently disrupt” an organization has had a dramatic impact on our business since we began our engagement in August of 2012.Through a combination of process observation, group training sessions and individual coaching, he identified opportunities to improve productivity, efficiency and sales. We’ve experienced record breaking sales since September and are showing no signs of slowing down. Any business looking to take its sales and team should contact Glenn…now!”
Wendy J. Urquhart – Director of Business Development
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“Glenn is a brilliant team builder who has the rare ability to inspire and motivate entire workforces. He is also a sales guru with the ability to develop, implement, and execute immediate sales process improvements under virtually any circumstance. I recommend him with 100% confidence.”
Chris Barr – Director of Marketing
“I had the pleasure of working with Glenn when I was at Adelphia. I clearly remember the day he spoke to customer service to pump up sales. The content and delivery was superb with right combination of  passion, humor and explanation of transactional sales strategy in a way that an individual could understand and implement. He established
a personal connection with the agents, which is so important in driving sales. Glen gets the big picture of the critical demand drivers, understands how the customer needs to see the product, is creative, has his eye on ROI, rolls up his sleeves and executes with passion and precision. Glenn truly leads by example and I hope I will be able to work with him again.”
Andy Datta, MBA -Director of Marketing
Adelphia Communications


“Glenn is an out of the box thinker driving innovative revenue generating marketing programs. A Team player, he embraces all views and formulates a collective solution to meet the needs of the business. He should be a stand up comic and will keep a smile on your face through the most difficult and stressful situations.
I highly recommend Glenn and look forward to future opportunities to work with him in the future!”
Fred Davies – Regional Director Data Engineering & Operations
Adelphia Communications

From Participants and Attendees

  • “Very informative! Great job.  Kept me awake which was wonderful.  Learned and had a good time!”
  • “Best training session I have been too, will use the suggestions for my entire career!”
  • “The most easy going, informative, and thought provoking training I have ever attended.”
  • “What I liked the most is that at the end of the training I have a different perspective on sales, and I can do it!”
  • “Keep up the good work – you are awesome!  Never had this kind of experience before.  This was one of the best trainings I have ever had.  Thank YOU!”
  • “This training was better than others I have attended, it actually ties back and pertains directly to what I do every day!”
  •  “What I liked the most was the ‘whole’ presentation.  I now have the motivation to sell and make a difference”
  • “I am very excited about this training – I have been with the company for eight years and got stuck in the same old rut and this is the first training I will follow and take to heart!  Thank you!  I will use all of it!”
  • Thank you for making me realize MY value.  It’s nice to know that others “care” about our customers.  And seriously if you ever wanna make big bucks do stand-up comedy.  You’re a hoot!”
  • “Training with Glenn was educational, but fun and entertaining!  We need more of this type of training”
  • It was a nice and pleasant surprise not to have sales crammed down our throats at a sales meeting.  Very enjoyable to be able to look at sales a different way.  Seems more attainable!
  • Training with Glenn today was fun, informative as well as helpful.  I learned from logical examples to use in real life and the calls we take.  Quite an entertaining way to introduce ways of presenting our products in a way that is not intrusive or awkward.  Hope to see more of him and be able to be energized by his positive energy!  Thank you!